About AA Remedial Massage Therapy

AA Remedial Massage Therapy in Fairfield West, New South Wales is a massage practise within a block distance to one high school, a shopping centre, three nearby medical centres, a Chiropractic clinic and two Physiotherapist practises.

My practice is strategically located on a quiet street with plenty of free parking all day, close to amenities, public transport and about 15 minutes from train station and major shopping centres. The area is rich in housing and employment opportunities.

This practise functions as a home-based business and sole trader with one therapist, even though it has some limitations, will also expand business towards adjacent suburbia to have a fair competition and equal opportunity of quality remedial massage therapist services, of a professional and high standard, with a focus on the client and wellbeing.

AA Remedial Massage Therapy will endeavour to always respect and treat all clients equally and in accordance with ethical and professional behaviour. The practice will maintain the highest reputation in the business.

Unique Characteristics

  • Serves Public in General, Especially Sports, Athletes and Rehabilitation Clients at clinic or in their homes.
  • Friendly Environment With Furniture Pieces That Are Recycled and Anti-Allergens-Treated With NIL Chemicals
  • Has Mobile and Electrical Massage Tables to Assist Clients With Their Needs
  • Uses Water-Based Oils Products and Lotions to Avoid Allergic Reactions Caused by Nut-Based Oils
  • Offers Personal Training for Those Injured Persons Needing Strength Training as Well as Massage Therapy
  • Fully Furnished, Air-Conditioned Room and a Unisex Bathroom to Service Clients in the Practice
  • Has a Laundry and Dryer for Towels and an Outdoor Area and Roofed Area for Air Drying or Sun Drying
  • With Parking Facilities (Two-Space Car Park) for Three Cars to Be Parked on the Premises and in the Street (Free Parking All Day)
  • Fully Equipped Gym and Waiting Area With Healthy Reading Materials and Amenities Such as Herbal Teas and Purified Water.

About Achilles

I am a remedial massage therapist diploma quilified, a personal trainer who is qualified with a Master Trainer Certificate IV and I am affiliated with Sports Medicine Australia, the Association of Massage Therapist, Taekwondo, Soccer, NRL and Tennis Australia.
This gives me an edge over many other therapists, as they cannot advise in relation to specific exercises to improve their posture or muscular deficiencies or muscular imbalances.

I have participated in elite sports and achieved an Olympic level (2000 Olympics) in taekwondo and tennis, which allows me to understand the athlete demands and injuries they suffer.

I am a therapist who can understand the now young sport market needs for treatment, being able to walk in their shoes with more ground experience to treat them along with other allied health professionals such as physiotherapists and chiropractors to name a few.
I am associated to Massage Association of Australia (MAA) and to Association of Massage Therapists (AMT), both are associations from which you have resources such as code of ethics, policies and procedures and insurances for liability etc.
As for my training, I have six months to go to graduate and in the meantime, I am more than willing to help clients get the best massage and personal training services they require.
My commitment is to put the client first and to provide them with the best possible treatment and service and to become more proficient and educated in other types of alternative treatments to improve my range of customers. I am interested in other styles such as Finch or Bowen techniques.
I strive to create a solid client base, expand in the area, and make my clients informed about this wonderful treatment called Remedial Massage Therapy. Call or email me today for information and bookings.

Relevant Experiences

  • Australian Army Service
  • Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy (Recognized Nationally and in Canada)
  • First Aid Certificate
  • Sports Medicine Australia Registered Fitness Trainer
  • Tennis Sport Coach


Recently, the private health industry had a review as per what therapies will be allowed as benefits for their members. According to an article from ABC News Australia, the government says there is not enough evidence and research on some therapies to keep subsidise and allow private health insurances to help their members with some money to use on those therapies.

Therefore, I am doing my bit to call on massage for research purposes too and to document progress on my clients and send them to my associations.

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